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What do I need to do to ride?

The Dunn Bros. coffee in the Festival Foods store in Hugo. Park in the back part of the parking lot. There is a bathroom in the Festival store and plenty of replenishments. Click for Map

Do you plan any event rides?

What should I bring on the rides?

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Escape routes

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Escape routes

How fast do riders typically go?

Depends on conditions, bike we're riding, and how many espressos we've had.
Winter fatbike rides avg. 12mph. Spring into summer avg. 14-16mph.

First, fill out the Group ride waiver. Check the Files section of the website. 

Typically we post the bike, route, and route file and meet up time in a Facebook post. Be sure to download the .gpx file and load it to your GPS before the ride. Know the route, have a bailout plan. We highly recommend downloading the file to GPS unit and using that rather than relying on others to show the way. This is more like an unsupported gravel ride, usually with c-stores on route, than a traditional group ride. You will typically find others the same pace and make some new riding buddies.

What kind of bike and tires do I need?

Again it depends. We ride Fat Bikes in Feb. and into March depending on the weather. Check the latest Facebook post for the Hugo Gravel Group for the most recent updates. 
Generally in March we switch to gravel road bikes. It is very flat where we ride so you do not need a wide range of gears. 
29er's have fared well in the spring but cannot generally keep up as things dry out.

Is this a drop or no-drop ride?

You need to be prepared to support yourself. Typically riders pair up  on the road and ride similar pace.  Please know the route, plan for things like a flat tire, dropped chain, and proper food and nutrition. if you bonk or need an escape route, you may be on your own. We can help you with a fast route back to the start but you need to be able to navigate back on your own. 
There are no ego's in the group so you won't be dropped for the sake of someone's pride but it is a training ride so riders generally go their own pace.

Where do you meet up?


Check the events section for more details or the FB group for updates. 

Helmet, Hydration - bottles and/or pack, Tubes, Pump or Co2 cartridges, Food or gels, i.d, credit card, phone, GPS, cue card, chain tool, spoke wrench

Parking Options